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Aya Meltzer-Asscher, Ph.D. - P.I.

My research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms of syntactic processing in the healthy adult brain, and their neural underpinnings, with a theoretical linguistic orientation. In addition, I am interested in visual word recognition in bilingual speakers, and in second language learning. Visit my webpage.

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Kayla Goldstein - M.A. Student

As part of my MA I am researching syntactic processing. As my studies continue, I hope to become proficient in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, all the while continuing my research of syntactic processing, in monolingual as well as bilingual speakers.

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Ma'ayan Keshev - Ph.D Student

My main research interest is the psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics of syntactic parsing. Specifically, I am interested in the parsing of Hebrew unbounded dependencies and in a wide range of phenomena related to the interface between syntax and the working memory mechanisms which support sentence processing.


Tal Ness - M.A. Student

My research interests include controlled and automated cognitive mechanisms of lexical access during sentence processing. My current work focuses on lexical inhibition as a consequence of false predictions regarding an unfolding sentence.