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Aya Meltzer-Asscher, Ph.D. - P.I.

My research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms of sentence processing and their neural underpinnings, with a theoretical linguistic orientation. Here are my CV and my webpage.

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Julie Fadlon, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Fellow

I’m a psycholinguist studying how speakers express messages and listeners comprehend them. I’m especially interested in the ways processing pressures and grammar interact in determining structural choices, lexical retrieval and syntactic integration. I run behavioral experiments in the lab and on the internet using offline and online measures. My current research is focused on the formation and resolution of long distance (filler-gap) dependencies within and across grammars; the representation and processing of nominal and adjectival concepts; and the flexibility of the language control system across bilingual populations. Visit my website.

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Maayan Keshev - Ph.D Student

I study sentence processing and incremental formation of syntactic dependencies (e.g. filler-gap dependencies, agreement etc). Specifically, I am interested in (i) How unique properties of a language affect parsing strategies; (ii) Which factors can modulate the difficulty of structural reanalysis; (iii) How comprehenders balance different processing preferences, uncertainty and grammatical constraints. [website]

Tal Ness - Ph.D Student

My research interests include controlled and automated cognitive mechanisms of lexical access during sentence processing. My current work focuses on lexical inhibition as a consequence of false predictions regarding an unfolding sentence.



Lola Karsenti - Ph.D Student

My research focuses on lexical information associated with verbs (i.e., thematic frames, verb bias, and argument mapping properties) and investigates when and how, during processing, these information types become accessible and influence parsing.